Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Importance of being LAZY..

Its a late Wednesday night, nothing too great about the day, and I am online..and like most of my friends, I too am killing time doing nothing but sipping hot chocolate, updating my status on facebook or text messaging a few people...and in a short while, planning to hibernate and dream!! BUT I sometimes wonder-
What if nothing exists and we are in somebody's dream?? Or better still, what if only that cute guy, the one I really like exists?? Life would be soo much better like that..A virtual world, were things are like the way I want them to be...

Woody Allen once said, "Eternal nothingness is fine if u happen to be dressed for it"...and so I am, dressed for the nothingness to take its toll on me. My mom tells me, "If u weren't soo lazy, u could accomplish a lot of things in life"...And I think to myself "I am going to start being less lazy", but I just get into the same pattern everyday, unintentionally of course...

People call it laziness, a disinclination to any activity, despite having the ability to do it. I call it indolence, it makes my laziness seem classy..A state of bliss, in which the fibres of my body are relaxed in common with the rest of my body and to such a degree that pleasure, pain, love or hatred seem alien to me.

But you know, laziness is not always so harmful..Infact everyone can be loosely classified into 2 groups..There are Intelligent lazy people and Stupid lazy people..
  • Intelligent lazy people: They do things the smart way in order to expend the least effort. They don't rush into things but take their sweet time to think and find the shortest but possibly the best path. And these people usually make good leaders.
  • Stupid lazy people: Stupid lazy people make their places too..Such people are easy to manage, they generally don't take initiatives to act on their own and , given tasks that are not beyond their ability, they'll perform in a predictable, consistent manner.
So a group of Intelligent but lazy people would agree with me that this works almost every single time..If properly harnessed it can accomplish anything and everything. I mean, I am not that kind of girl who begins early enough for my exam preparations but manage to do just fine...still my lazy strategy seems to be kind of weird to the just-in-time-sitting-in the-first-row-of the-class people..cos I know its common to think that success comes with hard work, but I've found the opposite to be true for me.

And so laziness in a nutshell is the mother of efficiency..and all of us need to gain some feeling for, some knowledge of, the differences between distraction and insight, laziness and leisure :-)