Thursday, July 30, 2009

To DELHI...wid Love!!

“Who said Hunooz Dilli Door Ast (Delhi is yet far away)?”
Coming from a place sum 20 kms away, which is considered an illegitimate cousin of delhi, doesnt stop me frm screaming it out and loud "I LOVE DILLI"..

I was born here, ma pa came to delhi in 1982, three yrs before getting married. I attended high school here. Have been reading bout the great heritage, been on 'delhi darshans' sum trillion of times( every winter breeze and sunshine used to take us to India Gate, having candy floss in the lawns... sunday meant an outing with family and frnds to cannaught place, every school picnic or edu trip meant we were out exploring the rail museum, qutab minar :-) ).
Two decades and still sooo awed by the majestic city. It still is a feast to my eyes. Its the city I call home.
"This is to tell you about Delhi city
the sum and substance, the real nitty-gritty.
And of course you’ll know why I love Delhi

despite the incivility, chaos and melee".

I love delhi: For It rides through contradictions..being led by a woman chief minister and still called 'unsafe for women'. A Rs 2 kutting chai is as good as Rs 90 ka cappuccino. The summers are as scorching as the winters are chilling. The sun rises to 'Aloo lo, bhindi lo, pyaaz lo, tamatar lo'...even if u are d elite and come from the most posh colonies. Where guys on one hand protect their gfs frm prying eyes and odwise go ogling at other women.

I love delhi: For momos at brown sugar, for pastas at big chill, for chaat, for gol gappas,for khan chacha ke rolls, for chandni chowk ke paranthas, jama masjid ki biryani, english dairy ka sasta khana, for priya's ka egg roll, for jnu ka ganga dhaba,for cumsum, for nirulas ka hot chocolate fudge, for bengali market ki raj karchori,for njp ka pocket parantha, for punjabi by nature ki dal makhni, for tom uncle ki maggy, for wengers ke cakes, keventers ke shakes, sda ki beer, iitians ke liye sassi ke paranthe,bill aur hillary clinton ke liye bukhara, mere liye rk puram ke chole bhature...phew...
and plz in delhi 'gol gappas' are' gol gappas' and not puchkis or pani puri or nething else..

I love delhi: for chanakya...for we have grown up in d 90's watching sum of our fav movies there... ddlj, maine pyaar kiya, kuch kuch hota hai, hum aapke hai den dhoom 2, jhoom barabar jhoom too happened...(sharath i'll never forgive u for d jbj disaster dude!)

I love delhi: For Delhi Public knw dis quiz on fb titled 'Are u a cool dipsite'?..
Ya man..I am!! know u guys frm springdales, modern and mothers hated dipsites..par dude cummon deep down u always knew dipsites were sumthing else...a different

I love delhi: for Its the 'BESTEST PLACE ON DIS EARTH FOR SHOPPING'...i swear by delhi for lajpat nagar, sarojini, janpath and paharganj..for the most sasta and tikau (lol not soo tikau) stuff tht u get dere...and the malls for everything else tht u want...For shoppers too, Delhi is paradise...indeed for everyone – rich or otherwise!

I love delhi: for the metro...travelling hasnt been dis easy and fun before, except dis one time i almost got kicked out of the metro on sum random station close to pragati maidan thnx to 20 odd ppl trying to push me out...

I love delhi: for the people we are...we wake, we wonder, we switch off, we switch on, we organize, we categorize, we decide, we cant decide, last check perfect, we'r ready to face the world, we take calls, we make calls , we r juggling all the time, we call frnds, we text frnds, frnds of frnds ( we'r just frnds), we r hooked, we r addicted, we love it, we found it, we r hot, we r hotter, we r naughty , we r nice, we cant live widout it, its not just a city, its who we r...We are DELHIITES AND WE ROCK!!

I love Delhi: for India gate, for i've spent my childhood, asking pa to take me there everytime we took a trip to delhi...for Qutab minar cos it still stands tall wid pride amidst all d taller ones, for dilli haat cos its where my heart it.. its house to all d most amazing stuff and more tht i pick up frm there...for chandni chowk ki galiyan, for purani dilli ki masti, for paharganj ka shady env, for rashtrapati bhawan ka lush green no entry zone, for 26th january ki parade..

I love delhi: for its roads, for DND, for aiims ka flyover, for d smooth highways, for d chaos, d traffic, people calling up radiostations stuck up on roads for hours...

I love delhi: for Rj NITIN (ulta fulta nitin) cos he's d most amazing guy on radio and a true delhiite at heart..for Metronation delhi, for 'I HAVE A CRUSH ON DELHI', for Anupam sarkar lol, for feeding frenzy, for delhi

I love delhi: for the hot guys....MAN!! dere are sooo many of

abhi ke liye bas...i can go on and on about delhi..par later!!tadaaaaa :-)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


If i do not want what you want, please try not to tell me my want is wrong.

Or if i believe other than u, at least pause before u correct my view.

Or if my emotion is less than urs, or more, given the same circumstances,
try not to ask me to feel more strongly or weakly.

Or yet, if i act or fail to act, in the manner of your design for action, let me be.

I do not, for the moment at least, ask you to understand me. Tht will come only when you are willing to give changing me into a copy of u.

I maybe ur frnd, ur colleague, ur offspring. If u allow me any of my own wants, or emotions, or belief, or actions, then u open urself, so tht some day these ways of mine might not seem so wrong, and might just finally appear to u as right-for me.

To put up wid me is the first step to understanding me.
Not tht you embrace my views as right for u, but tht u are no longer irritated or dissapointed with me for my seeming waywardness.
And in understanding me. u might come to prize my differences from u.
And far frm seeking to change me, preserve me and even nurture those differences.

This way, sumday, maybe we can Communicate...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A lot of me!!

After a lot of soul searching and overcoming the hesitations of sharing it, i've finally come around to posting this..I got this inspiration from a blog i was reading a few days back..

I am: in a better mood now but im super duper busy and sleepy too!

I believe: Wat goes around comes around! God is up there and hes keeping track of all our deeds..Good o bad..he'll give u wat ur worth..

I want: every1 around me to be happy..oo abhi ke liye i want a dog, lots of chocolates, a loving bf, walking closet...wants dont end!

I have: my own set of rules..

I wish: i had a shift+delete option for all d pain and d bad memories!

I fear: going through a heartbreak again, cockroaches, snakes

I hate it: when its trust tht u break

I hear: ma shouting at me frm across d room

I smell: the rain and my new nailpaint

I crave: for chocolate avalanche and all the lost love

I feel: a restlessness inside me

I cry: to vent out my frustrations

I win: wenever its gut feeling i trust

I lose: wen its not 100% i give...and when its bout races..

I sing: cos im a happy singer!

I cook: cos its fun and i get to be around food!

I fight: wid my sis all d time..

I confuse: people when its not 1 answer i have

I cn usually be found: online on fb, driving in my froggie, sleeping

I hope: my day tmr ends better thn dis one did

I laugh: even at d most sasta jokes..

I dream: lol i remember dis guy i saw in a dream d oda day...dude where aare u?lets get married!

I eat: just bout anything veggie! dont like paneer though!

I would like to: tell every1 that girls too cn drive proper proper..huh!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The one where I admit I have seriously bad moments

'I feel soo frustrated'...chances are i've said this many times, either out loud or in my mind... I am in deep appreciation of those miraculous things occuring which i completely fail to understand. Comfort seems to me uncomfortable at this moment. I am drained out, dejected, frustrated and what not!
Did i just say i need a hug?
Its best to let the part go ofcourse, but its giving me weird sensations.
I would like to have the peace of knowing that troublemakers are far far away..Too far to really make any trouble. To most people around me trouble makers dont really exist..they like to believe its the crazy part of me who thinks that d world is after my happiness and nothing else but good ol words of ' r u freaking mad', ' ur thinking wayy too much' and 'i think ur plane jane stupid' should do the trick and keep me quiet.
But hey guys, u dont always need people to cause troubles for u na...It comes in various shapes and sizes and at different times in our lives. u may not know...wats hunky dory today mite just turn out to be a pain in d ass later..but yaaa as the saying goes 'we rather live in d present'..(makes me feel better)
I am a romantic person...atleast thats wat i wud like to believe. Yaa, no doubt tht i got out of my utopia thing but i do need a dose of 'everythings gonna be okay' stuff at times..I am soo sickened at myself for allowing people to be in my life who shudnt have been there. For allowing those who were wicked to drag me down. I had my whole world out dere full of happiness, I was on a new high doing things tht were meant to make make me and ppl around me happy. But then, what the hell?
Am such a dreamer..I miss stuff and all kiddish gestures, making castles and living like a princess with such awesumness around.Crazy, was I?
I miss being unwavering. I dont want the impossible.For once, i want things to be my way. I want more than i can have right now....

Friday, July 17, 2009


Sitting at home since morning doing just about nothing, this post is an indication of me turning into a complete sluggard. I cant be solely blamed for this one...With a two digit count in my wallet, the scorching heat ( dont really blame d heat, its actually d pocket) and virtually no company since my folks from mba are busy doing final touches to their summer projects, we r left with no place to go.
And since im sooo vella i thought of writing certain indications of boredom. Its an epidemic of a chronic disease..cud be fatal, it'll rob u of ur here goes..

when ur morning starts at noon and u call it nite only at 4 o 5 in the morning...(I sumtime wish ma goodnite when shes ready to go for her morning walk)..

when asked to cook ur own meal, u end up making a toast or omlette odawise expecting a royal three course thingy..

when ur frnds tell u tht they r sick of seeing u online on fb all d time...

when its one pair of shorts is all u like in ur wardrobe and its against d rules to change into ne other..

when u check ur phone 5 times in 1 minute to see if neone called or msgd...

when u know wat shows are currently on air..and u have time to sit nd watch the repeats as well..

when irritating ma is suddenly d in thing...its like dis ritual...

when u pick up d phone to check on frnds u havent spoken to in daysss...

when sudoku becomes neccessary to keep d neurons alive and functioning

when u take random quizzes on fb and are sooo fascinated by the results, as if its some universal fortune teller...

when suddenly newtons first law of a body's tendency to remain in a state of rest unless odawise, sounds apt and all that u can preach..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Final yr raaackkss...d glitz and jitz....

28th june '09: "Dudee how can u go for a movie wid omr tmr???nuts o wat?"
"Arre thats great..u not gonna study neway..y waste time doing nothing"..
bhaii m going for new york..tu pad le... kal dekh lenge..
"shhh ma ko pata chal gaya toh im dead guys"...
And amidst all d yes and no( yeah! and d r u nuts?), i did go...didnt study d entire day...btw d movie was awesome...(neil baby i luved u)

29th morning: " oh f*&^ i dont know a word and second desk...anju...anju plee yaar side mein karke paper karna. Im going to copy all of it"..
shit dint know a single question...what were dey thinking?...losers...itna tough??
doesnt matter m studying for cons today...will make up for d loss..dekhna tum sab

10 pm (bhaiii calling): bhaiii kuch ni pada...fat up at 7..was soo sleepy..i hope Dr gaurav doesnt turn up for invigilation..chal m off to bed in andr hr...tu pad :-)

30th (exam hall): yaar kuch toh likh hi dungi...dont worry..
10 mins later...shitt why is Dr gaurav here...hell im shivering..m gonna pass out
Another exam...another blank answer sheet...
BUT darr ke aage jeet hai ( thaks baby 'do d dew')

1st july: what a fabulous start to the month...we almost nailed prostho...dont think we studied or nething!! ( "thaks pass me the pps wala sheet, richa bhaii zyada mat likh mar jayegi") ;-)

2nd july: perio (chalo dis is one subject i've read) enter jazzy: 'i 'll chuck u out m telling u' , 'doesnt even know pocket??? &$*# loll...he's fun

4th july: pedo (sharad open google and find me sumthing about polycarbnate crown and be specific)....guysssss i know polycarbonate now...jaldi tepo :-)

5th oral surgery: no tension uppi bhai...manav sir ka naam lungi and saara paper kar dungi..all set hai..

6th monday 3 am ( on phone wid sharad) : dude i was going to read half of my course..but saali light...see im not to be usual blank sheets tmr...but yaaa have to take atleast 2 suppli sheets or else dey'll know meko kuch ni aata...

7th...NO EXAM: yay lets grab sum beer...been burning d midnite oil for a week now u guys...we deserve a break......

Just got over with the practicals today..they were a site
( ye lo x-ray and attach it and plz get lost...tumhe kuch nhi aata) sir..i already knew...who cares...its our last today!!

Phew...a lot of hard work( endless hrs of sleeping, useless conversations on d phone, facebook, music) and more went into all of dis...and now im tired...
Soo i plan not to open my books for another 4 days....m sick of seeing dem day nd nite..
Anyone for a cuppa???

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Utopia or no Utopia..will still write

All my previous efforts to start blogging werent much of a success. Managed to write a single post i called my "utopian world". Got soo bored dat cudn't get myself to writing the second one :-)
And i remember making Dr Bhargava read it , which was quite an encouragement for me and a torture for him...poor thing had no other option but to appreciate the sad idea of utopia i had in my mind. But what d hell, i had written my first post and i was excited..Back then utopia was something i thought was specially designed and crafted for me..but then things did change for the better and today when i look back, i regret having closed my eyes to a lottt of things..To me its a compensatory mechanism to blindfold urself from d realities of life..

Neway, was being tormented since d past 2 mnths by 'Mr I DONT CARE'.....(kill me for dis but cudnt cum up wid nething better ;-)) with all his posts, the pre post-topic selection ceremony and d post commenting ritual, that i thought of taking a revenge. As he wud like to put it 'm trying to be cool and eh copy him', but who d hell cares???lol

Will have to rush since its bhai's bday and i have planned a little suprise for him and m dying to try on d new ciao...keep blogging :-)