Sunday, April 18, 2010

Its about time life got back to being crazy

More often than not, while going through life, we come across situations that make us think and reconsider the way we've been living life soo far..Just about trying to maintain that illusion of sanity so we can look "normal" to the world.
And thats when one stops to question...who am I trying to impress anyway??Do these people really matter?? Come to think of it, theres no such body keeping a record of the sane and insane things we do in a day..Is anyone going to remember if I broke that glass or if i put loud music in my car and drove to workplace??
Well not really!! And so theres a part of life that one can always start to crazy-up, think outside the box, do all we can to make our crazy dreams a reality...and to be able to ask oneself..Am i crazy enough to trust myself when the whole world thinks im a little nuts..
And i know the crazy things I'd like to do and still feel absolutely fine about them later...
  • dance in the moonlight
  • get super drunk and kiss a random hot stranger
  • sneak out from my house and spend the rest of the night with frnds...
  • colour my room with crayons and make funny faces
  • laugh until the water comes out of my nose
  • go on a drive alone at 3 in the night and speed on the highway
  • call my ex and tell him how i think he could be gay
  • ho hitchhiking with richa, see the world, live on the road, backpacker style
  • blow bubbles in the bathtub
  • whistle and clap in a movie hall
  • make all my friends sing happy birthday to me in a typical classroom style..the way we used to in school
  • live in a tree house with rushi..on a eucalyptus tree :-P
  • watch a scary movie the night
  • get blue and pink streaks in my hair
and ofcourse a few others that i wont be mentioning here :-P