Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Driving Blues!!

Driving on Delhi roads is an art which requires a lot of skill and preparation for some and not soo much skill and preparation for others...Its the closest u'll get to the ultimate experience of a lifetime..And considering its festival season, u'll wonder y they made houses and multi storied apartments for people to live in..they cud well live on d roads, in their cars, while they drive 24*7...In simple terms what u see on delhi roads dese days is POINTLESS WANDERINGS..neways coming back to the ultimate experience, for amateurs and pros still hanging on to d amateur soul, driving on delhi roads requires a few things
  • Good Brakes
  • A good loud, screeching horn and the art of honking every single second while u on the road
  • And lots of Good luck...mind u lots
Imagine ureself in a video game...like an extreme sport or sumthing..u hv to dodge other cars, rickshaws,bikes, stray dogs, cows to get to the next level...And then there are these 'aliens', like some weird mutants, trying to get the hang of d earth and earthlings..be really careful wid dem cos being an earthling ur are absolutely unaware of the turns they take and speeds they hit..The game gets harder at every level..u cud well use ur right of making various gestures wid ur hand to scare off ur competitors..If u happen to brush ur car against ne oda, the game turns into some ninja fight or sumthing only more verbal...I mean aisa lage toh na dat ur in delhi yaa...wats the fun odawise..

Be Careful and maintain distance from the cars and autos which have dese stickers wid 'ferrari', 'ultimate racing' etc pasted on them..Cos having these stickers means u have Super powers..like the ability to ignore common sense and drive recklessly...Ferrari literally means u start believing tht ur father owns dem or sumthing and u get to play like a 5 yr old wid his toy car...

Finally more than ur skills and talent, u need a lot of luck and faith in god...well never lose ur entire quota of good luck in things like exams,results and stuff..Keep a handsome amount for when ur on the roads...Esp if u like me and dont knw tht one is not suppose to talk on the phne even on a red light...

good luck wid it!!!

DO u believe in destiny??

An old man, sitting under this tree which according to him lost its life and soul the time it got struck by lightening, shares a story with it..And so does a girl...This girl, she just lost a chance to love the guy she wanted to be with...A chance she buried with him under this tree an yr ago...And she gives in to destiny thinking whats meant to be is whats meant to be...Shes ofcourse dissapointed and heartbroken...but she knows she cant shape and mould her destiny to be like how she wanted it..

The old man has a piece of advice for her...He tells her " Destiny is the bridge u build to the one u love...and probably shaping and moulding destiny is whats actually ure destiny"

Most of us take destiny as a natural course of action, a preset order to d cosmos, like a bullet wid ure name written on it or more like 'meant to be'..which makes it inevitable and unchangeable..I used to believe this theory untill a few years ago...but I saw things happen to me, to ppl, where a change could have made all the difference...I am writing dis tonite not just because im inspired by what d old man said, but also beacuse watever he said got me thinking dat giving in to destiny believing dats what was written for me, wasnt really the best idea..u knw d best way to live...

So I have this new theory...Well its not exactly new to everyone..it just struck me a lil late..but neways...From nw on destiny is gonna be the path i choose for myself..and im going to u knw make an effort to build tht bridge to d things and people I love...Cos if u dont make things happen to u in the way u want,then most likely they will happen to u odawise...and who knows in the process u mite just end up looking for something, finding something else, only to realize that what uve found is more suited to ur needs than what you thought you were looking for..dats serendipity btw..sucha nice sounding word for what it means, a fortunate accident..

Like i said its about a lot of soul searching, but its healthy once in a while..and i dont know if it makes u a better person, but atleast it gives u a good insight of what is like to be human...


Sunday, September 20, 2009


Advaita hs been after my life to post sumthing and like he tells me, i've been giving a stepmom treatment to my blog...one month widout a post..and im still clueless as to what m gonna write..So i'll just scribble all what i feel like for a few minutes. I am sure there may not be any coherence between what i start with and what i end! and yaa also in what i chatter in between.. but just keep reading :) hope my scribbles dont bore you!

I am finally at home..been 10 days now and it feels like a mnth already..ppl who knw me wud knw d amount of planning dat went into how i'd be spending my vacations..A list of things i had planned...doing a landmark course, learning guitar, or maybe a dance form, oh my chocolate making workshop( i mite stll do dat), going out every single day, blogging regularly, and cherry on d cake was d ladakh trip dat we girls had planned...YA YA..so now u know i wasnt really gonna do all of it...My plans have all gone in vain and all I do these days is watch movies and sleep endlessly...And ive started to realize how important a schedule and a routine is to our lives...I mean I get up in d morning, think what m i gonna do in the day..and then maybe an hr later m again sleeping...pretty much sucks!!! Life is so strange at times aint it? I have people around me ready with their suggestions as to what i shud do, where i shud go u knw...par in d end my day, its only about what i thot it was going to be like...

Was helping my kid brother wid sum creative work..more like a homework..and watching him do it sooo nicely, I realized kids are way too creative and they have a spark which even we do not possess..Its because they fear less, know not much and are amazingly receptive to ideas..i guess their brains work on a completely different frequency...We grown ups, we read, we learn, we think , we socialize and all this kinda creates a mental barrier and so we refuse to think beyond it...Its like when we grow up, the evil veils of the society, the education the people..they sort of tamper our brains, making it like a cranium machine or sumthing, fear blinding our eyes, never seeing what is special and never thinking to dare...

What more...umm whats bothering me d most lately are things tht hv been going on wid a lott of my frnds in relationships..Suddenly the entire focus has shifted to the Parents..what do they think of the guy or the girl, or better still, people breaking up just because they assume their parents wont approve of their relationship without even giving it a try...Its soo disheartening to see soo much chaos around..I mean really, the parents should know and like try and understand tht nobody asks for ur cast or color or weight or watever before falling in love..And its high time they value the love mre dan all dis crap..But amidst all the problems and family issues, I do see a ray of hope, i mean since wen was true love ths fragile and insubstantial??So ya like ive been told, its bout making the rite choice and things will start to fall into place..And the choice ofcourse is to keep loving no matter what!!

P.S.. Incase nething dont work out and u still face problems wid d parent thingy...ive come up wid a business proposal cum helpline in partnership wid a frnd...Its called BHAGODE ltd and we r in the initial stages of planning, investments and all dat...Well the plan is obv to help u guys like run away frm home, lol and we r sponsoring the run...Sharath told me to add on...We r giving away 50% discount to the first 5 couples...and incase u have parents out on the hunt, like find us and destroy us..let us knw in advance and we'd be most likely running wid u!!!hehe

dats it for now...I hope uve survived to read dis...hehe told u no coherence watsoever...neway..stay blessed!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

All about 'ness'

Have you ever thought wat it would be like, if one morning u woke up as sumone different??Wid different i mean u are suddenly like ur neighbour, or sumone in class, or shah rukh khan or just ne1 at random. How will it feel losing ur identity to sumone else. But whats ur identity? Is is just the way U look or ur name or d class u study in or where u put up?? Or is it sumthing bout u which is different frm d rest..Dupree calls it Ur 'NESS'...
He believes every1 has a 'ness' to them..The 'ness' tht makes u different, stand out in the crowd...a 'ness' which is characteristic of u. And u simply cant do without it..U do tend to lose it like at times of mental crisis but its all bout getting ur 'ness' back together and ur ready to rock..Now what exactly is 'ness'?? Well its a verb, its a conjunction, a preposition, its a philosophy, its a way of life, its UR NAME WID A 'NESS' ATTACHED TO IT...
And so i thought it wud be nice to explore a little about my frnds and their 'ness'...shld be fun...Its in random order of appearence..
  • Sampu-ness: Sampada aka sampu, sammy, shampoo is my 'chuddy buddy'...we hv literally grown up together and been frnds forever..Ur 'ness' is ur 'COMPOSURE', u r sum1 whos tender yet soo strong, sweet yet soo in ur face types, a single not soo independent girl, and amidst all d wrong things tht hv happened, uve emerged out a lott stronger thn i thot..which is a good thing..And not many have it in dem!!
  • Sharad-ness: I know its no point getting dis across to u cos as it is, d dumb brain will not understand wat im saying!!
  • Advaita-ness: U r sumone i sooo admire...And i cant stop going on and on bout the fact tht u r probably d purest soul ive seen..ur 'ness' is d way u look at life, d way u bring out the good in people, sumthing bout ur affection, its selfless and out of this world...I hope u spread dis 'ness' around..
  • gu-ness: Gu u hv been my fav bud..I hv seen a complete transformation in me, seen myself change fr d better..all thnx to u..U hv my most fav 'ness'...U r my gossip girl, my partner in crime and ur ness attracts ppl like soo much..its bout d balance u strike bw d head nd d heart..
  • Uppi-ness: Upasana aka uppi aka upla...Ur 'ness' is of a sweet, angelic girl, a voice thts music to ears...i dont know its sumthing soo charming and beautiful bout u...
  • Thak-ness: Dats by far d funniest ness..lol..Yogita baby ur 'ness' is the INNOCENCE, d heart of a child, of fun and laughter..theres sumthing grand bout thakness..never lose it..
  • Rich-ness: Richa aka bhai, Ur 'ness' is SPONTANEITY, a frisky, outgoing girl..U r D BOMB baby...and its special how u cn pick ne1 up wen dey are low..And d fact tht i hv seldom seen u low on life!! i have a lot to learn frm u..
  • Anuj-ness: Ur 'ness' is of someone who can instantly bring a smile on ne1s face...sense of humor no1 cn match up to..And d fact dat u d most sensible guy I hv come across...Its a lethal combination..
  • Yash-ness: Yash ur 'ness' is of A High spirited guy out to conquer the world..And he is unstoppable and amazingly determined!!
  • Anubhav-ness: Anubhav U r sum1 who does things his way..cos dats how it works for u..U r like coconut yaa...hard on the surface and soft to the core.ur ness has concern and faith dat is unmatched...stay d same!
bas...abhi ke liye itna 'ness' gyan is enuff..have a few more to add to d list par dats later...But ya one 'ness' which is common to all u guys is dat U r my friends!! Its d best ness bout U!!keep smiling :)