Sunday, August 30, 2009

Soul Mates..A perfect partner in a perfect relationship???

Who is our soul mate? What makes one person our soul mate and not the other person??This word means a whole lot different things to different people..For some, its smeone they've met or maybe seen across the proverbial crowd and its about the instant connection they feel with this person, or how it seems that they know the person already...CONVINCED THESE ARE A SIGN OF A PERFECT SOUL MATE RELATIONSHIP..For others, its a long, rewarding, lasting, healthy relationship of a few years after which they r happy to declare their partner as their 'soul mate'...And for the ones like me, the quest for a soul mate seems never ending...

Whatever the context maybe, the phrase soul mate to most of us implies 'living happily ever after till death do us part'..It has come to represent an illusive fairy tale idea of the 'perfect' partner in a 'perfect' relationship...

As for me, a few of my friends and a lot others, we've met people we instantly clicked with,a whole new world of exciting love, romance, all the good warm vibes and the idea of having a someone special...every thing has been hunky dory as if its the perfect little sunshine in our garden we've been waiting for since forever..And its not long enough before we realize okay, probably hes d one i can call my 'SOULMATE'....

But hello, love doesnt always come in such convenient packages na!! And things start to shake up a bit, then a lot, finally ending in the two of us parting ways...But oiii wait!!! U were the one I declared my Soul Mate rite?? werent u suppose to last like forever forever?? I mean thats what I was told..thats exactly what I felt when we were together...We did soo much to be together...U said I was d one u always wanted..blah blah blah!!

Look around...maybe u are not the only one who is shattered today...there are many others cupid played games with...u feel cheated, disheartened, as if the Mr or Miss perfect for u just changed course and u'll never find him/her again...But look again, there are people who are happy and probably will be happy for a long long time...somehow things are just perfect for them..they have all that they asked for!!

So Whats the Bet??Why is it that for d 'US' lot, even though there is just one true soul mate, but still there are potentially multiple people who can come pretty close. That theres not just one Mr. Right out there but a potential horde of Almost Mr. Rights you can fall almost in love wid, and then fall out of love wid!! In any decent sized city full of lovely singletons, there are probably dozens of people who could make d cut for any person. Every night of the week – instead of 4 times a year. Then why is it that fewer and fewer people feel d drive to make, or live up to d “Aint No Mountain High Enough” kind of promises???

The question still remains unanswered for me..And i guess I will never be able to figure out d concept of 'Once soul mate and today NOBODY'!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

How to cook pasta...

Ma normally doesnt cook on sundays..Its either me or pa, khichdi or pulao, or we just eat out..Today, I was in the mood for sum Italian...So I thought i'd ask pa to take us all to a nice italian restaurant so i cud munch on penne with white sauce and mushrooms and sundried tomatoes...But since i was out d entire day, and guudu s having her exams, my idea was turned down...And what followed instantly was a voice frm across d room..'khichdi or pulao?'...but thankfully pa came to our rescue...and he was going to cook us a nice italian pasta..I was happy to help..but cudnt have done it myself since i was too tired..

No doubt d pasta was decent considering it was his first attempt at italian, but the sight of him cooking it inspired me like sooo much..tht i cudnt resist myself frm posting this aaj hi..And i sit here wondering, do all men cook like dis?? Is it like sum signature way of putting all d ingredients together, sum magic dat u'd do wid d

Ma said she wish she had a pen and a paper den so she cud like note down d new secret recipe to his I do remember like the crucial steps and i guess its time i reveal dem..And ladies, u cn actually copy d woudnt mind..

Step 1: Boil a lot of water in one of those pot things...*mind u a lot of water* cos u dont know wat if the pasta s like too thirsty today??

Step 2: Skim over the directions *in case u forgot the necessary ingredients such as water or heat*

Step 3: Dip ur finger in every 2 mins..the moment it hurts like hell..its time to add d new ingredients

Step 4: Simply mash your thumb with extraordinary force to open up d packet containing the penne...*u dont really have to use d scissors, dey are meant for kids for their crafts*

Step 5: U look rite and den left..see if sum1 saw ur muscle power when u opened it..was too easy aint it??

Step 6: Its almost impossible to boil d pasta without spilling it over..and once half of it goes inside the water, u can conveniently scoop up d rest with ur hand and put it in

Step 7: Its tempting to stare at d u dont put d lid while it boils

Step 8: Just ... dont stare too close, or for too long. Eventually, you will need to remove this hypnotic mess from the stove. Dump it into the sink to drain. Don’t bother with one of those girly colander.

Step 9: Time to add the cheese and milk...funny..plastic melts the same way!!

Step 10: Put all d masalas u know...Afterall indians are famous for he almost picked up d chat masala frm d fridge..

Step 11: Time for the penne to go into d indian d sauce!

Step 12: U serve it to every1...u knw how eagerly ppl wait for dinner...


I havent updated my blog since quite some time now. I dint want to get back to blogging this way but here I am, doing what I do best- writing a meaningless random post which is, well, meaningless..
I had a given a job to a friend like to find me certain topics so i cud keep myself busy thinking about them all day long..and he did a pretty good job..came up wid loads of meaningful, thoughtful did excite me for a charging my batteries...but somhow it just died...and d topics, well, still intact in a msg in my phone..

I often experience such moments, where i fell absolutely nothing. And most often than not it happens after a terrible week, or in my case rite now, exams...though i knw i havent been reading like a crazy nerd or sum1...I have actually been watching a lot of movies...I used to treat myself wid a new movie every nite during my exam days..and it turned out tht I was thinking bout d guy or d story or how emotional i got or how i wish dat girl was me nd stuff during those 3 crucial hours...thnk god i dint screw any of d theory papers..but yeah now dat my exams are over( d theory atleast)...dere s NOTHINGNESS in d air all around me...
But its not just studies. A lot of other things. Things dat should cause a normal human to react in a drastic way, leave me unfazed now. And you maybe thinking 'its good rite?'.But the truth is it doesnt feel quite alrite. This is so not me!
Am i scared? i worried? i frustrated? No...confused? sad?angry?tired? no no no no..
peaceful? hell no!
I am emotionless, not disturbed, not feeling too great either..Almost feeling like a hit it hard, bang it sumwhere, push it off a cliff. Do anything with it..its least affected.
I feel like a rock..i am least affected.

Worrying about things isn't a good idea but not worrying at all isnt great either.Atleast dats not me. My friends tell me i'll die worrying about sumthing, trying to figure out my life, finding solutions, crying bout stuff, being emotional and blah blah..Maybe they r rite..maybe im like dat..but again its quite possible tht 'tension' haunted me soo much in the past tht it got tired of my reactions towards it...Maybe the fact tht ive been on an emotional roller coaster ride all dese years, has turned me soo impassive...

When things seem to get out of ur control they r better left to God. But if God does all the working??what will I do? Shoudnt I be doing sumthing??
But havent I done enough in my reach, to tackle dese issues already??

I am being torn apart in two worlds..I am calm, calm not in a good way, but calm nevertheless. Not hopeless not sad, not broken but not the other way round too..

So yaa..theres a lot of nothingness around!!And I dont know wat to do about it...Its all BLAH!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Green cuppa...

My Green cuppa...Chocolate and more chocolate, coffee ice cream and more chocolate , chocolate cake and more chocolate, chocolate sprinkles and more chocolate, chocolate syrup and never ending chocolate...Every darn form of chocolate u can imagine...Its a cascade of over d top chocolate indulgence..
Worship St. Mocha for chocolate avalanche..BOW dwn to d king!!He s d master..He s a way to heavenly pleasures......Bliss is happily more blissful!!

And everytime i lay my hands on it, its some twilight zone im transported to...Lol like d one in d dairy milk ad ' kuch khaas hai zindagi mein'...Its not just food den, its an avalanche of every emotion put together. Happiness, sorrows, giving, taking, love, ecstasy, fantasy wid a hint of caution..loaded with suprises, delightful and sum downrite disaggreable..

Its the first bite, and ur clueless how it gonna taste, and as the chocolate and coffee ice cream melts in ur new thing dat happens, every new friend, every happy moment, every little suprise,a new feels like chocolate sugar high..with soaring emotions, exhilarating self esteem boosts and sense of a new high...

And then, the nuts, sprinkles and d crunchy...the euphoria of the smooth sailing...suddenly collapses!!Nuts just take up spaces where d chocolate ought to be..Like a sudden burst of practicality, like as if sum1 woke u up frm a delighful a knock knock...dude its all over!!But what d hell...deres more!

And its bout time...been longing, settling for less than wat my heart desires...a higher love..chocolate cake with hersheys syrup, some strawberries maybe...ecstasy beyond the jaded, cynical dissapointments..YUMM??

And at the bottom, theres this last bite, i know girls who'd kill for d last bite (good husband??ne1??)...leaves u gasping for more...

Contented? Rushed? Exciting? Stressful? Moving forward? Holding back? For many of us it’s all of the above at times. There are things we dream of doing one day, there are things we wish we could forget. What would your life look like if you could start over with a clean slate?
A New Cuppa maybe???