Friday, October 23, 2009

Laugh out loud!!!

I love people who make me laugh.I honestly think its the thing I like the most, to laugh.It cures a multitude of ills.Its probably the most important thing in a person.Its the best you can give to the world.To be able to make people laugh.To like extract their sorrows and help them find peace with themselves.I am not particularly good at it.But I can try.

And then in the process there are these endless frail attempts to find humour each passing moment.Every single thing, every single stupid idea,comment, non sensical, sub-intelligent and meaningless sitcoms,a picture a book,playing fashion police,just about anything, appearing or passing by,should have something funny about it...The catch is to humour yourself with it.
There are moments,those happy ones, when you laugh and laugh and laugh till the time you are not sure you want to continue laughing or just stop.The point is no one should be thinking in the midst of laughs.That is the whole point of 'Laugh outloud'...

You’re supposed to lose yourself in such escapades. You’re supposed to let your soul flow with the direction, or rather, lack of direction, when you laugh. You’re supposed to be in fits, or lost in some useless diminished sense.Basically its all senseless.and in the good sense... it's well good non-sense for that spur of the moment, just that moment..Only after a good laugh should you,if at all, try and make sense of what you've been laughing at.
I think
the wellspring of laughter is not happiness, but pain, stress, and suffering.The comic and the tragic,they lie inseparably close, like light and shadow. So we should be thankful for our suffering, for without it there would be nothing to laugh at! When we laugh at our woes, they dissolve, or at least become bearable, so that we arrive at peace and happiness.

I know, I do not practice it myself but i have seen people do it and trust me they are perfectly at peace with their lives and I look up to them for such bravery.They tend to like to laugh at themselves and sometimes at their absurdity.Because when they do so, they disempower all those who would make fun of them and then all those irritating confrontations.They do not laugh because they are happy but they are happy because they laugh.

Thats about it...I'll end on a rant..Laugh and laugh more..speaking tree says its even better than an orgasm!!
P.S...I hope you know laughing releases endophorins,our body's natural painkillers..more potent than an equivalent amount of morphine...
so laugh out loud :-)
bye for now..


Advaita said...

i am a shameless guy who is laughing all the time these days.... and then a day or two comes when i wanna be quiet and all that..

anyways good post :-) i really enjoyed reading.. but i couldnt completely relate when u said that sadness is a springwell of laughter... though its true but i think more than that a humurous attitude and some fearlessness about uncertainty makes u laugh more....

and how do u know its better than an orgasm ;-)??????

and there was THE ONE said...


Sanchi said...

@ advaita...we humans arent exactly tuned dat ways..u know to laugh even at our sorrows..its too much to ask...par i wish it was like dat..
@ anuj.. killer na??lol

Sorcerer said...

I agree mate.
finding fun in everyday life is important for survival!

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