Friday, January 29, 2010

Opinions I have changed...

I have been mulling over this for quite sometime now. As a kid I used to wonder what growing up would be like, imagining myself in my teens and then twenties...And I had my own set of interpretations of facts and life in general...Life was bitsy yet attractive, cheerful and whopeeee..I was my favorite!!

Then I grew up!!! Turning 23 in two months time...And Life has been crazy! Have been through a series of opinion shifts..And a lot of the opinions ive had earlier have reversed..

  • The notion that a dentists clinic was 'hell served on a chair'...Though i never had serious dental issues, my sis has gone through shit as far as visiting a dentist is concerned. Shes been a brave kid, but watching her sit through all the appointments and especially the sucker pain...used to give me nightmares!!!lol..Did I say m a DENTIST myself now..This is the weirdest thing that could have happened..but am sort of living with it..and enjoying it nightmares to lil kids??adults too??Its not as bad as it was then..

  • U MUST MUST listen to ure mom!! Well..Hell no!!Ego clashes and arguments with moms are totally in..So much so, that I cant get myself to agree on one thing my mom says..

  • Indian wear is for AUNTIES only!!...Since now am officially well into 'Women territory'...managing sarees and salwar kameez are not really an issue anymore..and the wear-a-pair-of-jeans-everywhere-u-go is totally passe!

  • Alcohol???NO WAY!! I dont drink!!lol..And now...Forget it..u know what am going to say anyway..lets go grab a drink!!

  • Girls who ogle at guys...PATHETIC!!!lol..Errrrr...I am pathetic..I am appreciating beauty yaa...

  • EDUCATION...*I want to be a doctor, an engineer when I grow up*...bullshit!!!Its allrite even if I dont have great degrees to back me up..I am smart and the world is my oyster..even if its still enjoying the ride..

  • BE GOOD TO PEOPLE NO MATTER WHAT...seriously?? I dont give a rats ass cos if ure not nice to me, brace ureself for the nasty me!! loads to add on to the list..but thats later..
Have fun growing up!!


Advaita said...

nice :-) everyone does this.... but few are consciously aware of their shift in opinions... you are one of them.

Kanishk said...

Super like !

Kathy Frederickson said...

Well, you're kids' number one enemy now! Haha, funny! But we all know that you do it for their sake, right? Just don't have those halloween stuff inside your dental clinic, okay? LOL!

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